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26 October 2009 @ 08:16 pm

Here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, WMP, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on "Shuffle."
3. Press "Play."
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...cuz that's just so..uncool... (Werd.)

Opening Credits
The Perfect Fit - The Dresden Dolls

Waking Up
Gravity - Sara Bareilles

First Day At School
The Times They Are A Changin' - Bob Dylan

Making Your New Best Friend
Anything for you - Evanescence

Falling In Love
Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls

Breaking Up
 Apparitions - Matthew Good

Angry Angel - Imogen Heap

Fake It - Seether

Life's Okay
Weight Of the World - Saliva

Death of a Close Friend
Bad Habit - The Dresden Dolls

Mental Breakdown
Savin Me - Nickleback

Cumulus - Imogen Heap

The Voice - The Celtic Women

Getting Back Together
Goodnight - Evanescence

Wedding Scene
House Theme Song

Birth of Child
Stand in the Rain - Superchick

Car Accident
Gravity - The Dresden Dolls

Final Battle
H.T. - Trigun

Death Scene
Weapon - Matthew Good

Funeral Song
No Shelter - Seether

End Credits
The Fear - Lily Allen
25 October 2009 @ 01:04 am

This week has been stressful at best. While I haven’t been giving my all in some classes I know that I have earned the grades I have received. I’ve been kicking myself in the back of the head for my lack of interest and will improve my grades. However, my parents had received my grades as well and were not too happy with them. I received a call from them telling me in short that if my grades didn’t improve I would be going back to my no-where, dead end, boring home town. When I was in high school I hated every second of it. It was a prison that I was forced to endure only to graduate and be granted the key to my freedom, my diploma. My hatred of JCHS overflowed and tainted my feelings about my home town, Jefferson City. The call that I received has not only awoken the feelings of disgust towards my hometown but has installed a fear within me. I am afraid of going back. I’m afraid of having to live with my parents, driving back and forth between my small town and State Fair Community College.  My house, right now, is not a happy house either. My mother is heartbroken over some personal matters. My Father, well the last time he has significantly been happy escapes me. When he has a reason to be upset he tends to nose dive to rock bottom and spread his negativity around onto everyone. My sister in law calls my parents the ‘most unsupportive people she’s ever met’. It makes me sad to hear that about my parents, but it makes me feel worse because I have no desire to go home. I don’t want to go back to my family. I desire to see my friends yes, but if I could stay away from my family that would be euphoric.

I’m afraid I will never be good enough for them. Even if I raise my grades from a D to a C they’ll only want that C turned to a B and then a B to an A. Yes A’s are important but in some subjects I will never be able to do that well. I feel like a failure because they never seem to support me in what I want to do. They want me to major in something that can for sure get me a job. I’m an artsy kid my passions , to them, will never get me a job. Is it wrong to try to get a job and enjoy that job? All I want is to wake up and enjoy what I do, I don’t want to never wake up in the mornings like I did in high school, dreading the day laid out before me. So my midterms weren’t so hot, can’t they trust me to improve myself?

12 October 2009 @ 08:43 pm

I did a meme too ^^
07 October 2009 @ 07:34 pm
I've been in a weird slump as of recently that I haven't been able to shake as of late. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think I know what my first tattoo will be.

I want it to be a masquerade mask. I'm not sure how large or where it will be placed on my body but I know I want it.

watashi wa baka desu.Collapse )

But like I've said, I don't know where it will be placed on me.

I know that before the ren fest I will have my nose pierced though. My brother is taking me up to CoMo and we're going to living canvas ^^ It will be 30 bucks but they have a $20 off coupon. I'm excited!

06 October 2009 @ 12:46 am
ok so you'll be delighted to hear I'm reading Kuroshitsuji like I've been meaning too. I've noticed several very similar traits between Sebastian and Alucard......crossover shoot plx?
WUT!?!?!?!Collapse )

anyway I'm looking into cosplaying as the joker, although I have not read much about him yet his character design looks quite fun!

Japanese is easy for now. Having lots of fun in it! Psych is a bitch and a half.

cosplay wise - right now I need to get Leeron started from Gurren Lagan and my Gothic Lolita Yugi made. Then I plan on working on Girlycard, joker and closer.

I have fallen in love with the idea of cosplaying a closer from Silent hill 3. I'm pretty far into the game, almost out of the hospital. I hate Claudia! and I emo'd over Harry.

^^ Fall break = 15-18th

I will probably head back to the dorms around noon on the 18th though. I like to get here sooner than later.

much love all ^^
30 September 2009 @ 11:36 pm
I found those Acai berry diet pill things and decided to check them out. So here we go. I'll let ya know if there are any results.
anyway things have been going alright. I know I never update but I've been neglecting LJ over other forms of communication like Facebook and such. Anyway I'm hoping that things keep going pretty steady, however Psych is killing me. Wish me luck on this diet thing ^^
11 September 2009 @ 09:08 pm
I have a new address <3 <3 <3

1115 E. Monroe room 217
Springfield, MO

I also have a new Room mate. She talks JUST like Rogue she plays silent hill and other games and she's all in all a lot of fun. I'm choosing to overlook her love of twilight.

I have one issue with her.

I've walked in on her three times making out.

I"M GETTING SICK OF IT.  I havn't been here a week even and its been three times now. I feel a little disrespected in the fact that they make me out to be the bad guy because I walked into MY room and THE?Y happened to be making out. We haven't been in school for three weeks yet and they've just met this semester.

I'm getting REALLY aggrivated with this whole bullshit. But what the fuck do I do? I know its not really fair of me to tell her not to see this guy because she's recently broken up with a guy she was going out with for two years  so she's a lil upset. But I dont want think its fair for me to have to knock to go into my own room. Thats bullshit. I'm going to try and talk to her tonight.

UGH kjsnd;ikadjhbs;vdhsr;gjb *angry face*
08 September 2009 @ 01:15 am
I've just gotten home from a pretty good weekend with the family...tensions are high from whats been going on between my brother and his son. That can't be helped I suppose.

I've cone to a very depression realization - I dont have a while lot of friends here outside of my small box...I've got Malinda and Amanda, my friend heather, a girl named sara whom I can't tell if she truly likes me or if she's just...tolerating me. I just dont seem to have many friends. It gets incredibly lonely here. I just want someone to talk to but becuase I have no room mate I just find myself wondering what I can do to keep myself occupied. I want to have my Xbox here to keep my thoughts from wandering off and getting lost. Parents dont trust me though...which sucks.

Malinda and Amanda got back from a convention this weekend. Do you ever get that feeling like you've missed something that would have been so epic? yeah that. They got to go to the con, Now I'm not bitching about it, I couldn't miss my classes here as much as I wish I could have *sigh* I dont have the foundation grades wise to be able to miss a class for a con...ya know? I want to make friends here but its just awkward. I dont play sports, I play videogames, I dont have a designated major, I dont really have much at all....so I'm sort of just drifting around like old homework in the wind. Not really important so nobody bothers to pick it up. I guess I'm just bummed that I didn't get to go...

Malinda talked about how on the car ride home she and the other girls in the car got to be closer and talk about stuff and get it off of their chest. I can't help but feel like perhaps I've done something thats upset someone somewhere and they talked it out...I hate being so self conscious, but after what happened a few years ago I want to tackle emotions like that head on so that I can apologize if I've upset anyone. Maybe I'm over-reacting.

College is being college right now. Just trying to survive. nothing big or bad happening...just...life. I wanna make more friends but I guess I'm not sure how to approach people...I know how to be friendly and all...I guess I'm just being sort of reclusive. *sigh*
30 August 2009 @ 01:01 pm

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked

1. I found this image and smiled. I've always been a Hellsing fan and now am on a rather big kick due to the fact that I'm not the only one that is interested in the anime <3! Not to mention Girlycard is one of those oxymorons...cute and small yet rather intimidating and badass?

2. See above mostly but I like how this one is partially colored.

3. X3 This is Leeron's Rape face <3!! Leeron is from the anime Gurren Lagann and ITS FUCKING FANTASTIC! I'm cosplaying as him (whee). He's the totally gay mechanic of the bunch. He's SO much fun! in this instance he's helping fix one of the mechs and some kid wants to help so he's threatenng to 'gobble him up'.

4. Alucard is Spinning~spinning~spinning... I dont think I really recognise where the sumbol is from and perhaps I should? Idk- it looks cool.

5. Well I thought Soul was fscking epic for throwing himself in harms way for Maka (its cuttteeeee!!!) When I loadd this I was sort of bummed at the time so I guess its my emo-ish icon? *shrug*

6. Ahh midna <3 I've loved this character since I picked up the damn game. I cosplayed her and loved every second of it. I picked this one 'cause midna looks ready to kick the shit outta someone with her tiny lil hands an feet.
23 August 2009 @ 02:12 am
Cosplay list:
Gothic Lolita Yugi
gijinka Mudkip
Possible Jan Valentine if  I feel like it?

Moved in on friday and have been skipping around and having fun. It didn't take long to move in, then my parents toom me around and got me misc. shit. Then proceeded to try and control my actions while they were leaving....like calling and asking if I went to church....(THAT pissed me off) 
Now I'm in the dorm tho....
Ahh my workspace >.>

yeah classes start technically tomorrow since its 2 AM but I'm not sleepy

I dont have a room mate yet and it gets REALLY lonely in my room all by myself so I've been spending time with Malinda and her roomie ^^
THey're pretty Jawesome.

I have to go to a stupid seminar tomorrow...its Gaaaaa-ay-ay-ay

I love bigger cities....JEFF CITY IS FAIL-ISH